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Investor session with Andreas Umbach

Join us for another JePPIX Investor Session with Dr. Andreas Umbach, CEO at AUCCEPT Consulting. Dr. Andreas has more than 20 years of experience as the founder and CEO of a technology start-up and has been responsible for the active and passive side of international mergers and acquisitions. He co-founded u²t Photonics which was acquired by Finisar in 2014 and currently he is the CEO of AUCCEPT Consulting, offering Coaching and Consulting on Entrepreneurship and Photonics Technologies.

The session covers the basics of Entrepreneurship in Photonics with a particular emphasis on the investor’s side and how to prepare for the pitch, validate the business to convince investors, and raising adequate funding to reach each milestone goal.

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Investor Session with Steve Frisken

Europe is home to 5,000 photonic companies, many of which will require funding at some point in time. Dr. Steve Frisken, CEO at Cylite is a self-described inventor and accidental entrepreneur.

In this video, he shares his vast 30-year experience in the optics industry in a new Investor Session sponsored by the JePPIX InPulse Pilot Line and EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium). He discusses how to find and choose investors wisely, and what pitfalls to avoid when raising capital for young companies in photonics.

Pilot line project lnPulse launches to give Europe edge in integrated photonics

16 European partners have started InPulse to reduce barriers and accelerate development of photonics, and to offer new-entrant companies direct access to state-of-the-art manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) based on indium phosphide.


The Impact of InPulse on European Photonics

InPulse, the Project that will take photonics to a next level, is being led by Eindhoven University of Technology. Professor Kevin Williams, is Chair of the Photonic Integration research group. In his interview to PhotonDelta he explains how InPulse fits in with other initiatives across the European Photonics Ecosystem. 


What to expect from European Photonics in 2019?

José Pozo is Director of Technology and Innovation, European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) and a noted authority on progress in light-based technologies. In his interview to Jonathan Marks of PhotonDelta: why InPulse is important to photonics development for business?